AQUA impact on PH

Sunil Pachar

The heading looks like a chemistry statement as its a very elementary fact that water has pH of 7. Today we would interpret PH differently, i.e. not as potential of hydrogen ions but as public health. 15-20% of the global population has poor access to clean drinking water.

Health policy custodians need to understand that currently water as an item carries a weight age of 8-10% in any GDP, but in the post-COVID scenario it would rise further for reasons like multiple hand washing, implications on the hospital industry, and revised reactionary sanitation expectations.

AQUA as an acronym can be expanded as

A - Availability of water: People borne in water-stressed or water-starved regions could have certain mental paradoxes for water.

Q - Quantity & Quality : It is a known fact that more than 50% of the ailments are often water borne.

U - Usability of water: Regions having high fluoride, iron, or calcium in water have population suffering from lifetime congenital or acquired ailments.

A - Access/ Affordability of water: Access challenges lead to compromised water quality for low income regions, and slum clusters can increase COVID-19-like pandemic situations.

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