Dr Rajeev Nagpal

Mortality across six different countries: US, Italy, France, UK, Belgium, Iran, India, and Pakistan is depicted below.

Generally speaking, the developed economies seem to have no greater ability to manage this pandemic than developing economies. This is particularly apparent in India, where despite having a population of over 1.3 billion and high population density, mortality to date remains below 1,000.

Two major factors that potentially helped India's mortality remain low are: 1. Controllable, 2. Non-controllable

1- Strong policy response (controllable)

W hile Italy and the US had gradually ramped up social distancing policies, India put it's entire country on a 21 day lockdown at a relatively early stage.

2- Demographics (non-controllable)

India has a particular advantage when it comes to fighting the virus: its average age. Due to less elderly as a % of total population comparing to other countries, it's less likely that a patient who tests positive ends up dying.

Not every country has demographics in their favor. But, it is important to know that when it comes to COVID-19 mortality, economic power doesn't matter as much as effective policy implementation.

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