Previously in IQEQU we explored the potential for ventilator shortages within individual counties in Massachusetts.

Data below was created by Gauri More ,DataScientists .

The graph below shows the average number of ventilators in use on 23 April, 2020 throughout the 14 counties in Massachusetts. Counties with a greater number of hospitals (n >= 8), particularly high acuity hospitals which draw sicker patients from surrounding counties, as seen in Suffolk county, will continue to require more ventilators.

However, ventilators will remain an essential form of care even in counties with relatively few (n <= 5) community based hospitals, such as Bristol, Hampden, Norfolk, and Plymouth.

The use of county-level data to determine trends will facilitate future predictions of equipment and supply needs as the pandemic continues. In addition, open lines of communication at the county level will continue to ensure ventilator and other necessary equipment needs are met throughout the Massachusetts community.

A push to develop and deploy technology around a centralized equipment sharing platform could both save time, and improve outcomes.

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